Rescue Medications for DEEs Series – Part 2

This webinar, which was originally broadcast live on July 8, 2020, gave a synopsis of recent in-depth interviews with DEE caregivers about their experiences utilizing rescue medications for DEEs and featured a committed pediatric neurologist sharing his insights on rescue medications and seizure action plans.

In this second webinar of the Rescue Medications for DEEs series, we hear from an incredible pediatric neurologist about things to consider when choosing rescue meds, a helpful list of 10 steps to ensure you have a comprehensive emergency action plan as well as 4 key questions to ask your neurologist (see files below).

Our presenter was:

Michael Chez, MD, is a research pediatric neurologist for the Sutter Institute for Medical Research. His interests include: Degenerative diseases of the nervous system, Developmental delay, Epilepsy/seizure disorders, Hydrocephalus, Infections of the nervous system, Learning disorders, Movement disorders, and more.

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