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As parents to a child with a rare epilepsy diagnosis we experienced difficulty finding a space to connect with other parents who had children profoundly challenged by a these rare, intractable epilepsies (also known as developmental and epileptic encephalopathies - DEEs). From our years of work in the epilepsy space, we knew that many other genetic epilepsy groups had a spectrum of kids at the more severe end.

It eventually became clear that our natural community was other families with children severely affected by DEEs as they seemed to struggle with the similar profound and pervasive challenges we did. This community cuts across diverse diagnoses but is bound together by the unimaginable trauma of daily dealing with life-threatening challenges and feeling hopelessly isolated.

We conceived of DEE-P (Developmental Epileptic Encephalopathy-Project) Connections as a way to break through that isolation to facilitate connections and share critical resources with families facing similar challenges. Our initial focus is on offering webinars on topics of interest to this community. Each webinar will most likely feature an expert on the topic and always center around the voices of families on the frontlines of confronting these challenges every day. Knowing how unpredictable your schedules are, all webinars and any related slides, articles or other resources shared with during the webinar will be archived in our Resource Center.

We also gather resources from our partner organizations in order to share them more widely with this community of families dealing with severe DEEs. We have plans to start holding more regular Zoom sessions for families to connect and chat with others who get it, so be sure you follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to learn more as those emerge.

We will always be guided by what this community conveys are their greatest needs and concerns. Our hope is that, over time, we can populate the Resource Center with information on all the topics that families are most critically looking for answers and support on. Please get in touch, anytime to share what you want to learn more about, are struggling with or if you need some support.

With hugs,
Executive Director and Co-Founder of DEE-P Connections, a project of Decoding Developmental Epilepsies

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Bringing together families and advocacy partners to help children with DEEs live their best lives.

We hope to see you at a future webinar!  Please also be in touch with us and share your ideas for webinars, give us feedback on the website or let us know if you’d like to volunteer to help us run this initiative. Feel free to share this resource widely. we hope you’ll find some helpful information here and continue to come back to learn more and connect with your DEE-P family.

Watch our Introductory Webinar

Watch our IEP Webinar

You have had an amazing journey. Share your story. Hear another’s.

We hope to empower the DEE community by comparing notes, witnessing each other’s struggles, and learning more about what unites us. It starts with your story.

Understanding DEEs

Many Diagnoses. Many Variations. Many Struggles.

Learn more about developmental and epileptic encephalopathies - what are they and what common experiences (joys and challenges) we share.

Nerve Cells

COVID-19 Resources

We’ve compiled resources for you on COVID-19 to suit the specific needs of our families. You can watch our webinar with medical experts on how to keep your family safe during the pandemic here.

Featured Partners

Do We Have A Common Cause?

DEE-P Connections is a project of Wishes for Elliott, one of many small family foundations working to make the world better for children like theirs.