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2021 Workshops On Outcome Measures for Those Severely Impacted by DEEs




RECORDING – Advance Outcome Measures for Severely Affected Populations


Why EEGs Matter and What They Can Reveal

These meetings were planned in coordination with COMBINEDBrain.

Initial Outcome Research Efforts

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The landscape phase of our collaborative efforts has identified multiple projects which are ready for adaptation, extended scaling, or testing  for exploration by potential consortium partners include:

  • Adapting the Vineland - Evaluate opportunities to adapt features of the Vineland tool to the broader severe populations; PI: Dr. Anne Berg
  • Health-Related Quality of Life Scale for DEEs - extend Quality of Life Inventory of Disabilities to include refined tools that recognize diverse impacts of severe disabilities; PI: Dr. Jenny Downs in collaboration with Epilepsy Foundation Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System team
  • Goal Attainment Scaling - Validate Goal Attainment Scaling, a highly sensitive measure of change, in the severe DEE population; PI: Chere Chapman, Ardea Outcomes
  • Rehabilitation Scales - adaptation of broad measures and tools developed for rehabilitation of individuals with profound trauma for broad DEE populations; PI: Dr. Natasha Ludwig, Kennedy-Krieger Institute
  • Final Disease Concept Map of select severe DEEs to provide reliable baseline of performance challenges and measurement requirements in severe DEEs; PI: Dr. Terry Jo Bichell
  • Ongoing Scouting and Documentation - ongoing collaborative effort to evaluate additional emerging opportunities on critical issues such as CVI, sleep, etc.; PI: Gabi Conecker

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