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COVID-19 vaccines and the DEE population


Navigating Safety for Medically Complex Children in COVID-19 Environment


Protecting Medically Complex and/or Immune-Suppressed Children with Epilepsy from COVID-19

Tools And Resources

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Documentary: Vaccines—Calling the Shots addresses parents’ concerns about childhood vaccines from a scientific point-of-view,and looks at vaccination through a risk-benefit analysis.

Documentary: Invisible Threat was created by students at Carlsbad High School and Carlsbad High School Television Films (CHSTV) in California and examines the childhood vaccination/autism debate.

2014 Pediatrics report: Safety of Vaccines Used for Routine Immunization of US Children: A Systematic Review

Article: Genetic epilepsies and COVID‐19 pandemic: Lessons from the caregiver perspective

Article: Keeping people with epilepsy safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Additional COVID-19 Resources

The U.S. Department of Education has published a Q&A focused on providing services to children with disabilities during the coronavirus outbreak, which can be downloaded here.

The U.S. Department of Education’s IDEA published a Q&A outlining states’ responsibilities to infants, toddlers, and children with disabilities and their families.



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