Autonomic Dysfunction/Dysautonomia

Does your child suffer from digestive and/or urinary motility problems? Do they suffer from temperature regulation issues? Do they have irregular blood pressure and/or heart rate?

When you have ruled out seizures and cannot explain the endless list of unexplained and seemingly unrelated issues, you might consider exploring Autonomic Dysfunction/Dysautonomia.

Our moderator for this session was Leah Schust Myers, Executive Director of FamilieSCN2A Foundation and mother to Ben, who has an SCN2A-related epilepsy diagnosis.

Our other panelists were:

Michelle Lewis, the acting FamilieSCN2A Vice President, whose daughter Eliana began having seizures shortly after birth, which began a five month journey in the NICU and a SCN2A diagnosis.


Keith Coffman, MD is Director of the Movement Disorders and Deep Brain Stimulator Programs as well as the Tourette Syndrome Association of America Center of Excellence at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

This is a recording of the webinar “Autonomic Dysfunction 101,” which was held on July 29th, 2020.

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