Seizure Action Plan Awareness

Anyone with seizures should have one…

The week of February 8-14, 2021 is the first Seizure Action Plan Awareness Week (SAPAW) to be held annually (starting on the second Monday in February) to mark International Epilepsy Awareness Day. This initiative was launched by our partners at Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, Dravet Syndrome Foundation and the LGS Foundation. You can learn more at the home of SAPAW.

This week is set aside for all those engaged in care of those who have seizures to learn about the value of SAPs and how to develop and maintain one.

About this Webinar

To mark this occasion, DEE-P Connections held a webinar with caregivers of children who have epilepsy and replayed Dr. Michael Chez’s 10 keys to developing a seizure action plan, from our original series on Rescue Meds and SAPs.
The discussion with this caregiver panel touched on SAPs – why you need one, why you need to update it, what it needs to say, who to share it with and more.

This is one you won’t want to miss because, yes, we all need an SAP!

Our panelists were:

Jennifer Griffin – mother of Theo, who has an LGS diagnosis
Shanna Tolbert – mother of Ireland, who has a CACNA1A diagnosis
Elizabeth Terry – mother of Spencer, who has an LGS diagnosis

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