Be Prepared – Guiding You Through the Journey of Planning for a Secure Future for your DEE Child

This introductory webinar shares an overview of the planning necessary for special needs parents to ensure that their children are as comfortable and secure as they (and you!) age.

Please keep in mind that it will take time to do all of this and be kind to yourself. You’re watching this so you’ve already made some progress!

About this Webinar

Planning for all the future possibilities for our children with severe epilepsy and developmental challenges is scary, we know (and are feeling the pressure to get started too).

This is hard stuff to think about but with the leadership of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation’s Adult Transition Taskforce (they have developed a thorough checklist to help guide us through the process) and the guidance of a Certified Financial Planner who started Protected Tomorrows to help us do just this, we hope this webinar helps you move forward with this important future planning.

Our panelists were:

Mary Anne Ehlert, CFP had a successful career in the financial industry when she decided to act on her lifelong desire to specialize in serving the families like hers and founded Protect Tomorrows. The source of her inspiration was her younger sister, Marcia who had cerebral palsy

Robin R. Wilkerson, PhD, RN chairs the Adult Taskforce at the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. She is a retired Professor of Nursing whose research focus is families of individuals with developmental disabilities. Her youngest, Paige, is 27 years old and has Angelman syndrome.

Amanda Moore is the CEO of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and mother to twin boys, Jackson and Baden. Jackson was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome in January of 2017

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