Preventing Caregiver Burnout: A Workshop on Building Resilience

This workshop on on Building Resilience and Preventing Caregiver Burnout was held with an amazing mother daughter duo – STXBP1 mom and Social Worker, Amelia Seraphia Derr and her mom, Susan Bourgerie, a psychologist.

Listen in to gain some useful insights into the mind-body connection and how we can take steps to manage the stress associated with caring for a loved one with a DEE/rare epilepsy.

This workshop is based on the belief in our innate capacity to adapt, recover, and even thrive despite the effects of trauma, stress, and adversity. The Body/Mind/Heart resilience model that will be presented includes, but goes beyond, traditional self-care. The tools and resources included are empirically shown to build and maintain our capacity for resilience, even in the face of the chronic stress and caregiver burnout that are a reality for those caring for medically complex children. This session was held in coordination with our partners at the STXBP1 Foundation.

To learn more about medical, care and support or research topics for DEE families, visit our Resource Center.

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