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A Gift for Future Generations – Brain Donation: What to Consider and How it Works

February 29 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm New York, NY

In this important discussion with rare epilepsy moms who made the decision to donate theirs children’s brain tissue upon death, we will discuss a number of critical elements about this deeply personal and difficult decision including:

1. How and why they made the decision to donate
2. How to manage family members who don’t understand or agree
3. The logistics of donation
4. How donation impacts the funeral/celebration of life
And more.

Come listen and ask. your questions.

Our guests will be Shelley Oldham, Angie Weaver and Penny Howard.

You can learn more about how brain donation plays a crucial role in advancing scientific research/breakthroughs and understanding neurological conditions in this previous webinar with families and professionals: https://deepconnections.net/2022/06/27/why-brain-tissue-donation-matters/

This webinar is hosted in partnership with FamiilieSCN2A Foundation and Hope for Harper